Referral Sources

In today’s complex world, it is important to have a “financial team” to help you make educated decisions when it comes to planning for your future and that of your family. Coordination of your taxes, your investments and your estate plan are essential and Nestor Financial Network believes in working with your trusted advisors to make sure that all of your planning is successful.

We have relationships with tax practitioners, tax advisors, and CPA firms, all of which are local. Over the years, we have also established relationships with several law firms that specialize in either estate planning (from the simple will to a complex trust) as well as eldercare specialists, again all of these relationships are local. We do not have referral relationships that involve fees or any revenue sharing when referring clients.  

It takes years to build these relationships and they are very valued. Nestor Financial conducts a vigorous due diligence process on an on-going basis with all of our referral relationships. We have also sought out firms that we believe complement our financial planning processes.

We also understand that each of our clients are unique in their situation and personalities. If you would like a specific referral, please e-mail [email protected].