What Keeps You Up at Night?

Concerns about your personal life and your financial responsibilities are often intertwined. By helping you plan for life events that have an impact on your financial picture, a financial advisor can help you make solid decisions that can reduce worry.

Changes in employment have been at the forefront for several years now. Should you roll over your 401(k) plan? If your new job doesn't offer a 401(k), what is the best way to save for retirement? What are the best plans for self-employed or small businesses?

Life events, such as the loss of a family member or what to do with an inheritance, can also keep you up at night. Today's families are taking care of aging parents, dealing with long-term care situations, helping loved ones with Alzheimer's—all of these circumstances involve financial decisions as well as emotional ones.

And, of course, there is estate planning. Do you need a living will? Have you appointed someone a power of attorney—just in case? Who would be the best person to act as executor to your estate? What should you do if you have a child with a disability? These issues certainly can make one lose sleep.

Questions like these can only be answered with a process that reveals the best possible solution from the countless resources available.
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  • Want to know you, your dreams, and your expectations
  • Educate you on the options available to pursue your goals
  • Make investment decisions with you, not for you
  • Present accurately and honestly all facts essential to your decisions
  • Render exemplary services to clients and their beneficiaries
  • Recognize the need to establish long-term relationships to provide you and your family continuity