Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your "typical client?"

We believe that there is nothing "typical" about any of our clients. They all have unique situations, are different ages, and come in all shapes and sizes. But there is one thing all of our clients do have in common: they all have financial issues that they need help with, and they are all serious about saving for their future and take the time to be a partner in the planning process.


Do you have a minimum account size?

No. Remember, one of our many goals includes helping our clients create wealth.


What process do you use to monitor individual client accounts?

Our planning efforts are extremely focused on a handful of investment companies and insurance carriers. Staying focused allows us to keep our clients updated about investment performance, fund changes, and so on. Having meetings at least twice a year helps us to monitor your portfolios. We also hope that if you have a life event (marriage, divorce, birth of child or grandchild, family illness, change in job) that you will contact us so we can make appropriate recommendations.

Will I be notified if I should be moving my money or making changes with my investments?

During our initial meetings, we will spend considerable time determining your risk tolerance, investment objectives, as well as your short- and long-term investment goals. All investment recommendations are based on your individual needs. We have found that once the initial investment allocations have been determined and we meet with you for scheduled reviews, this process eliminates the need for constant change. If your investment objective changes, or if the investment itself changes strategy, we would make adjustments as needed.


What investment companies do you work with?

With the help of our broker/dealer, Commonwealth Financial Network®, we are able to offer virtually all investment companies. Being an independent advisor allows us to offer what is best for you, the client. Service comes in two forms: service to our offices and service to our clients. We want to work with investment companies that have strong administration and a long-term commitment to investors and to ourselves as advisors.